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Sash Windows Wimbledon-At A Look

So, you've decided that you want to safeguard the period beauty and authenticity of your home by installing new timber or PVC-U sash windows? If you've chosen to invest in products from a trusted source then congratulations; you're joining a growing group of homeowners who remain thrilled with their new windows. However, you have a potentially difficult choice ahead of you - which style should you choose for your home? There are a variety of standard designs on sale in the modern market, but to make your options virtually limitless, some manufacturers can craft sashes in practically any shape, style or configuration.Have a look at for more info on this.

Bar Variants

The main feature that distinguishes one style of sash from another is the configuration of the glazing bars. Traditionally, internal bars provided structure to the glass itself, but modern glazing is such that bars have taken on a more aesthetic role. Firstly, providers can supply non-bar sashes which convey an impression of open space within a room and allow the maximum amount of light to penetrate. Non bar windows offer a high level of visibility for the room's inhabitants, making them perfect if you want to take advantage of the views surrounding your property.

Perhaps more common are centre bar and three light style windows. As their name suggests, centre bar sashes comprise a central bar straight down the middle of the window. Working with the upper frame of the lower sash, the central bar creates four distinct equally sized rectangles of glass when the window is closed. In contrast, three light windows comprise two vertical bars positioned toward the outer frames. This creates a large central column of glass, with two slimmer columns at either side. Both of these styles and others, including asymmetric and the popular traditional Georgian style (which emulates windows with six small panes of glass in each sash), all enhance the timeless elegance of period properties, whether they're townhouses, farmhouses or country estates.

Frame Variants

Less common variations in style involve changes to the frame. All of the above bar variants are usually installed within standard vertical rectangular frames, but specialists can also create arched, swept head or tripartite frames for your home. The swept head style is particularly striking, and lends itself to stately townhouses, both in the capital and further afield.

Overall, the key is to first ascertain the style and period to which your home adheres. Visit the local library or contact your council for information on the history behind the building. This way, you can provide your chosen team with all the information they need to construct sash windows which are perfect for preserving the changeless beauty of your home.

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